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The 2022 M&A Monitor, a view on the Belgian takeover market

Daniel Kroes
May 2022 — 1800 views

Stable multiples among Dutch SME's

Daniel Kroes
May 2022 — 1719 views

Four Mergers & Acquisition trends in 2022

Marc Van Damme
January 2022 — 2093 views

Is 2022 a good year to sell your business?

Marc Van Damme
January 2022 — 2155 views

Takeover prices remain fairly stable on the Belgian market despite the crisis

Daniel Kroes
June 2021 — 3004 views

The takeover market is growing strongly in Belgium

Daniel Kroes
June 2021 — 2975 views

More than one in three takeovers in Belgium is realised by private equity or venture capital funds.

Daniel Kroes
May 2021 — 3229 views

The influence of the crisis on family business take-overs

Daniel Kroes
April 2021 — 2733 views

Acquisition market to rise by 33% early 2021

Daniel Kroes
March 2021 — 3123 views

Takeover prices rose slightly in the second half of 2020

Daniel Kroes
March 2021 — 2862 views

Different potential solutions for transactions during Covid-19

Daniel Kroes
February 2021 — 2776 views

Is 2021 a good year to sell your business?

Daniel Kroes
January 2021 — 3068 views

Overview of business transfers in Belgium

Daniel Kroes
November 2020 — 2882 views

Recent trends in the Dutch takeover market

Daniel Kroes
October 2020 — 3817 views

Transmission of businesses in Wallonia: look back on 2019 and 2020 perspectives

Daniel Kroes
September 2020 — 3265 views

How will the takeover market change during the current economic crisis?

Daniel Kroes
September 2020 — 3619 views

Is now the time to sell your business?

Daniel Kroes
June 2020 — 4796 views

Private equity funds in corona times

Daniel Kroes
June 2020 — 4402 views

The M&A Monitor 2020 - Some key figures of the Belgian takeover market

Daniel Kroes
June 2020 — 4816 views

It becomes more difficult to reorganize a company with going concern issues through a takeover.

Virginie Beck
February 2020 — 4745 views

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