For the buyer, the main purpose of the due diligence  is to reduce and manage the risks associated with the transaction, to provide an independent and detailed assessment to the buyer of the company and to investigate possible existence of hidden obligations or unforeseen costs.
If RSM Belgium guides the seller during acquisition process, the main activities are: setting up the data room, answering the questions during the due diligence process and the general coordination of due diligence.
Sometimes it is advisable for the seller to have a  vendor due diligence  carried out before approaching the acquisition market. 
A vendor due diligence can be seen as a prerequisite as it is a critical analysis of the company which provides insights into how the company is doing.
If a potential buyer is aware that a vendor due diligence has taken place, this usually increases the level of confidence.
RSM Belgium can perform such due diligence thanks to its multidisciplinary specialized team.
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