If you want to sell your company and you are convinced that a professional preparation is necessary, you can use the KMO-portefeuille or Chèques entreprises to receive grants for professional advisory services.
You can receive grants from KMO portefeuille or Chèques entreprise, depending on the location of your company.
From KMO portefeuille the grants can amount up to € 7,500 (excl. VAT) / year. Via Chèques entreprise this is also possible, for the preparation of the acquisition process, to an amount of maximum € 7,000 (excl. VAT) over 3 years. For the acquisition process itself (the selling-off the company), an amount of maximum € 15,000 (excl. VAT) can also be obtained in period of 3 years.
RSM Belgium can assist you in obtaining the grant.