Marc Van Damme

+32  475 43 72 51

Marc has more than 10 years of experience in acquisition guidance in the SME segment and in a multinational context. In his 35 years of professional career, he has gained experience in mergers and acquisitions, sales, HR and project management in Belgium and abroad. Marc is solution-oriented, driven by sales and marketing, , optimistic and has a lot of attention for the “human touch”. 

What will Marc and RSM offer you?
RSM and Marc can guide you through a well-structured preparation process in order to bring your company to the takeover market under the best possible conditions. A 4-step approach, called 'Business transfer Check-up', consists of an in-depth SWOT analysis of your company, a valuation of your company, the development of a takeover strategy and finally a concrete action plan to make your company ready for transfer. 

RSM and Marc can bring you into contact with an extensive network of potential investors. These investors can be individuals, financial investors or industrial partners in Belgium or abroad. For each M&A opportunity, we can find a solution that suits you. We never give up. 

Our way of working is in line with the highest ethical standards.  Integrity and independence are important to us. We show respect in everything we do and strive for a high quality of work. Throughout our collaboration, we never forget the long-term perspective. 

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                  Daniel Kroes

                  +32 497 51 52 54

                  Daniel has more than 30 years if experience in audit, (vendor) due diligence, transaction services, company valuation, business modelling and risk analysis. Daniel is "solution oriented", able to manage crisis situations, pragmatic and energetic. 

                  What will Daniel and RSM offer you?                             

                  Selling your company or buying a company? RSM and Daniel will provide you with all the necessairy (technical) support to make your transaction successful. He will identify the key elements for a good and professional preparation of your transaction. Also, RSM and Daniel will provide you with the necessairy recommendations to close the deal successfully.

                  What is your business worth? Valuation is key for an M&A transaction but also needed for many other purposes. These include tax (estimating arm's length values for group subsidiaries and intangible assets), disputes (estimating damages due to breach of contract) and financial reporting (impairment reviews). Daniel will lead you through the different valuations methodologies, assist you in documenting the key assumptions and help you conclude on the appropriate business value.

                  Looking at the "target company" , Daniel will help you identifying relevant sources of value and risks in order to increase your chances for a successful transaction. He will guide you through all the due diligence criterial aspects, incuding assessing risk and compliance issues, conducting tax and financial planning, determining cash flows, and identifying hidden costs.
                  His experience of transactions will be key every time a decision needs to be taken in the due diligence process.

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                  Yentl Van der Hoeven


                  +32 473 33 10 19 

                  Yentl has several years of experience as a transactions consultant in the financial world. He has proven expertise in financial and operational due diligence and helps you to clarify the abundance of financial data involved in a transaction. Yentl has a "can-do" mentality and knows how to keep calm in the hustle and bustle of a transaction at all times.

                  What will Yentl and RSM offer you? 

                  RSM and Yentl provide you with the support you need to make your acquisition a success and to gain an overview of the company's financial risks. In collaboration with Daniel and Marc, he will make a good and professional preparation of your transaction his top priority.